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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New friend in town

 Warm spring greetings. . .yeah it's finally warming up!  

Oh, the hope that fills the soul after a long winter . . .


I want to introduce you to our newest ad: Mashenka Rose; created by Mary Grishchenko in Saskatchewan. Check out her ad on the right side of our home page. 


Mary is passionate about all things homemade! 
She and her wonderful husband, Nikolay, have two young children: Thérèse and Pio, who are the inspiration behind most of her projects! 
Her mom first got her interested in sewing at a young age when she was nine, and helped her start her first quilt. Mary's family teases her about that quilt that took her 11 years to finish! However, she has since developed a true love of sewing and is always working on a new project.
She finds it exciting to  be able to share what she has created with others. 


Mary has a lovely whimsy colleciton on Etsy.  What caught my eye is this re-usable vintage-inspirted burlap banner. So many birthdays to be celebrated, and what a great idea to have something that catches the eye for party after party!

Simplicity. Looks great. Sustainable. Little effort on my part.


Mary also created this bunny for our Easter basket featured on this post.





Have you clicked on our other ads? Check out some great Candian & North American inspirations for this spring!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Wholly Canadian connects with Fair Trade Day and a Giveaway

In one month we'll be celebrating world Fair-trade day at Ten Thousand Villages in Winnipeg. Can you guess our part in this exciting day?




See their program:

Saturday May 14, 2016 to Saturday May 14, 2016

Its THE day of our year!!! Celebrate Fair Trade around the world and Be The Change!
We will be celebrating May 14 with a lot of fun activities here at the Plaza Drive store,
Terrarium workshop, get a henna tattoo, learn how to wrap a sari, do some mandala art, listen to the Peaceful Village Drummers, test our Fable body care products, sample Kombucha and learn how to make it, storytelling and a puppet show, lots of taste samples and draws to enter!! Check back for more detailed times as we get closer to the day!


Can you guess now? If you guesed providing the kombucha, you guessed correct! And of course we will be using their Camino sugar for the kombucha, and Level Ground tea.

But that's not where it ends; we'll also be bringing some of our bubbly effervescent water kefir (like a sparkling juice) made from  Level Ground unrefined sugar and Level Ground dried fruit.


We'll be there from 1-3 pm. So make sure to come say Hi and get a taste of these refreshing drinks! And of course come for so much more. . .It will be an exciting day!


Why are these drinks so special? This is what your gut will tell {pun inteneded}

This is why kombucha is an award winning drink:


  • Kombucha Health Benefit #1 — Detoxification: it  produces healthy livers and aides cancer prevention. One of kombucha’s greatest health benefits is its ability to detox the body. It is rich in many of the enzymes and bacterial acids your body produces and/or uses to detox your system, thus reducing your pancreatic load and easing the burden on your liver. Kombucha is very high in Glucaric acid, and studies have shown that glucaric acid helps prevent cancer.
  • Kombucha Health Benefit #2 — Joint Care & Healthy Aging: Kombucha contains glucosamines, a strong preventive and treatment for all forms of arthritis. Glucosamines increases synovial hyaluronic acid production. Hyaluronic acid functions physiologically to aid preservation of cartilage structure and prevent arthritic pain, with relief comparable to NSAIDs and advantage over glucocorticoids. Hyaluronic acid enables connective tissue to bind moisture thousands of times its weight and maintains tissue structure, moisture, lubrication and flexibility and lessens free radical damage, while associated collagen retards and reduces wrinkles.
  • Kombucha Health Benefit #3 — Gut Health & Overall Well Being: Because it’s naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, Kombucha is a probiotic beverage. This has a myriad of benefits such as improved digestion, fighting candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, mental clarity, and mood stability. As such, it’s noted for reducing or eliminating the symptoms of fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Health Benefit #4 — Immune Boosting: Kombucha is extraordinarily anti-oxidant rich; thus, boosting your immune system and energy levels. 


Here's why you should make water kefir

  • Optimal Health via Probiotic Strains:  One glass of water kefir is said to have more beneficial microflora than the most expensive probiotic pills available.  The probiotic profile in water kefir is absolutely amazing! A healthy gut belongs to a healthy person . . . so get that gut healthy!

  • It's a vegan probiotic--Giving those people with dairy intolerances an opportunity to build up their gut flora in an incredible way.

  • An Incredible Juice/Soda Alternative:  Water kefir is very versatile, allowing you to customize the flavors to better suit your families needs. (You like strawberry, go ahead and make strawberry water kefir, you like coconut & passion fruit, go ahead and make an exotic probiotic "soda"!  The end result is a bubbly drink;  making it a great alternative to conventional soda.

  • Save $$$: Making your own kefir costs significantly less than purchasing commercial probiotic pills. You save lots of $$$! These grains and can be used over and over again!



Looking to purchase these cultures and make your own incredible life-giving drinks? Easy. Shop here.
Looking to purchase organic fair-trade sugars & teas to make these bubbly drinks? Easy. Shop here.

See why 1) local & 2) fair-trade, matters. Click here for a post on Why this matters.

And on another note, we need to do this giveaway!  You've got until Monday to enter. We will pick our winner Monday evening. You won't want to miss out this amazing locally-made giveaway sponsored by Pure Hazelwood.


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