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Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Delight Discounts. . . New Culture Starters Available

What's really exciting is seeing the growing demand for cultured starters. Hence, we've added several more cultured products for Canadians across the country!

These have arrived just in time to enhance the delights of summer, and some of them also make nourishing while still delicious (and easy!) travelling companions for your holidays. Now that is something to be celebrated!

cultured foods canada yogurt

Check out our lastest additions:


mlk kefir canada local

. . . think about adding creme fraiche to this summer's berries (think summer berries topped with a bit of heaven!)

. . .find our why cultured buttermilk is superior to store-bought buttermilk; this buttermilk makes the most amazing (and nourishing) pancakes!

. . .travelling this summer and want to make a cultured drink while travelling? Easy peasy with our milk kefir powder. Simple. Easy. Delicious.

. . . make a sun-ripened tomoto sandwich with our san francisco sourdough bread

. . . need a break from dairy? And still want to enjoy summer berries dipped in a fruit yogurt? Look no further! Simply enjoy this vegan yogurt (which happens to have much "cleaner" ingredients than those vegan yogurts purchased in-store)

sourdough bread made in canada cultures for health

Of course we continue to offer the classics:

Make sure to check out all the products we offer to nourish Canadians. . .

Remember a healthy gut belongs to a healthy person. So get that gut smiling this summer:)

Okay, so what you've  been waiting for. . . Indeed, we are offering a happy discount as a way of celebration. If you wish to purchase any of these cultures, contact us, and simply tell us which cultures you would like to purchase and mention the promo code "summer cultured delights" and we will send you a reduced invoice with the following discounts:

  • two or more cultures: 10%
  • three or more cultures 15%
  • four or more cultures 20%

This code ends July 31

As always enjoy making these delicious and nutrient-rich cultured foods and beverages with local and fair-trade ingredients. 

What is your favourite Canadian or fair-trade ingredient you use to culture food?

If you purchase any of our in-house cultured products, we proudly use fair-trade and local ingredients as a way of incorporating community into our products and into people's homes.


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