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Friday, June 19, 2015

Baby Bag Packed: Wholly Canadian Excitement

We're getting excited to meet Baby #2. . . any day now!

Recently we've shared how we:

As many a mama knows, there's a lot of prep work that goes into preparing for baby. One of those is preparing the "hospital" bag.

Here are some Wholly Canadian treasures packed in this mama's bag.


1. "Gift" from baby to toddler

. . . a quiet activity for a little guy who loves cars, made by Market Eighty Nine in Manitoba. I let our little guy already play with it a few times, so that when baby officially "gives" it to him, he has reference for it and already loves it {smile}.


2. "Gift" from toddler to baby

. . . our well-loved Ringley rattle ball. I've been telling our little guy how he will shake this for the baby so the baby won't cry. {here's hoping}  We wrote about Ringley here; they are also listed on our online Canada's BEST Baby Registry.

Image result for ringley ball


3. Used/Pre-loved Clothing. . .Re-using is a key tenet of Wholly Canadian

  • take-home outfit that my husband wore--for boy or girl
  • vintage Eaton's shawl blanket
  • vintage baby girl bonnet & cardigan I purchased at a thrift store
  • and a boy bonnet/cap that my late-mother used for my brother when he was a baby

 It's great incorporating something from each of our families . . .



4. Pre-loved case

I just picked up this week at the Old Revial Company in Winnipeg; it's a Samsonite case vintage 1962 and made in Canada!


I am using this as my essential oil's case for my diffuser and oils.


5. Made-in-Canada Snacks:

Image result for bushman bar canada

Image result for gorp bar

Image result for solberry bar


Each one of these nutrition bars has a fantastic and enjoyable Canadian story . . . check out their websites!


6. Homemade Snacks

  • homemade chicken broth

Image result for broth jar gem

Image result for camino bittersweet chocolate


  • wild MB blueberry & hemp muffins

. . . blueberries I froze from Jardins St-Leon last summer, and hemp hearts from Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds

Hemp Hearts - 56g



  • homemade strawberry water kefir (probiotic bubbly drink). . . learn how to make it here, or get a kefir culture here


7. Mama's Beauty Bag

. . . okay I know I won't look like the Duchess of Cambridge after birth, but I have a few items Canadian-made beauty items packed for some pictures of posterity {grin}

  • Pure Anada lip gloss for pictures {smile}--read more about why we love them here

Image result for pure anada lip gloss

Image result for river city herbals lip balm


  • Stylish Mode headband to keep my hair back: read more about why we love them here

Wide Navy Polka Dot Headband

  • Pure Hazelwood necklace for anti-inflammatory relief: read more about why we love them here


We'll keep you posted with our news. . .

What do you think it will be? A boy or a girl?



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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Soon-to-arrive Wholly Canadian Baby

 In just a few days we're expecting baby #2 . . . and it has been such a joy to do a "baby journey" in a #madeincanada community.

I thought I would briefly write about some of the baby delights in our nursery {grin}  Just recently we launched an online on our webpage with Canada's BEST Baby Registry. Have you seen it yet?  It's a compilation of incredible baby items. This is what Canadian parents have been waiting for!

But back to our nursery. ..As always, we have tried to incoroporate three of our major tenets:

  1. Shop Canadian-made . . .actively loving your fellow Canadian citizen/ "neighbour"
  2. Shop fair-trade . . .supporting your international "neighbour"
  3. Shop vintage/re-purposed/pre-loved. . . purposing to care for Creation and live sustainably.

See why a nursery filled with a true love for our neighbours mattersAs most Canadian parents, we have done this on a tight budget. We have purchased wisely & minimally. A small house requires intentionality.

So here's 1) what is new in our nursery, here's what is on a 2) "dream list," and here's what our nursery 3) currently holds.

New (Old) Finds: What's New in our Nursery

Our nursery will house two little "bears" soon . . . and so making space in a small space takes some forethought. We're trying to take advantage of vertical space, because, well there is so little horizontal space!

I purchasd some authentic antique hooks from Old Revival House in Winnipeg--to hang up towels, diaper covers, etc.  These four hooks make such a difference for us!


I also found a used/pre-loved handcrafted vertical organizer that I am using to store shoes. . .


And finally a little welcome for our soon-to-arrive bundle . . . some prairie daisies from mama's garden in a vintage bootie vase I found at a thrift store. This perennial daisy plant is originally from the homestead where my father grew up . . . so it makes for a rich rooted welcome. {smile}


Here's what is on our "dream list". . .


Layette & Clothing:



For Mama:


Bunny-Rabbit organic baby blanket Natural and Eco Friendly Teething and Nursing Necklace - Maple Yang Rainbow wooden stacker, wooden toy by Atelier Cheval de bois
Papoumpapoum bunny rabbit blanket Painted Turtle teething necklace  Atelier Cheval de bois rainbow wood stacker

As we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl (the old fashioned way), it gives way to some extra anticipation. . .

If we have a girl:


If we have a boy:


 Organic Cotton Bloomer with Ruffle Bum shown in Avnee Gray and Avnee Green ballet flats / frosted pink leather  Baby Blue Seersucker Shortall Set | Boys Spring Outfit | 2 Piece Set
.OM Home bloomers Ulla & Viggo ballet flats  Mabel Retro shortall set

 Our Current Nursery

Baby "Equipment"

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used



Carseat Accessories

Playful Peanut

  • carseat canopy--see here



C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Wraps & Carriers:  

Peapod Creations



Bedding & Sleep Sacks

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Mattress & Duvet

Shepherd's Dream

Sleep Sacks




Clothing & Footwear

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Layette & Accessories



  • change table, bassinett sheet, & playpen sheets

Itty Bitty Baby

  • sleep sacks & sleepers
Clothing & Accessories 

Mabel Retro

  • diaper shirt set, pajamas--see here




  • wool slippers--see here

ulla & viggo

  • moccasins

Soft Sole Baby Shoes

  • leather shoes


  • Sun Protection

No Zone

  • one-piece sun suit
  • Jackets & Snowsuits

Canada Goose

  • snow suit (we purchased thesed used)


Diapering & Bathing

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used


Spa Baby

  • bath tub








Playful Peanut

  • wet bags--see here


Feeding & Nursing

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

High Chairs/ Boosters


  • high chair

Mally Bibs

  • baby & toddler leather bib--see pic here
Nursing Accessories 

Mayukori Nursing Pillow

  • buckwheat filled pillow

Peapod Creations

  • Infinity nursing scarf


Health & Skincare

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Lotions, Balms, SPF & Soaps


  • See what we've used here

Mama Pacha

  • See what we've used here

Rocky Mountain

  • See what we've used here


  • Push ointment
Homeopathic Medicine & Accessories

Kid's 0-9

  • teething, fever, cold homeopathic remedies

Suro Elderberry Syrup

  • See what we've used here

St Francis Herb Farm

  • See what we've used here

Pure Hazelwood

  • See what we've used here




C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Dryer Balls

Splat & Co

  • see here for why

Nature Clean

  • see why we like them


Maternity & Nursing Wear

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used


Carry Maternity (their in-house brand)

  • dress

Make My Belly Fit

  • zipper extension
Second-hand wear Lots of used maternity wear


Nursery Furniture

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used



  • see why we chose this rocker
Buying used in this category is also an excellent choice. . .We did a lot of that.


Nursery Organization

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Baskets Ten Thousand Villages F



C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Teething toys Ringley C
Puppets & Dolls Ten Thousand Villages F
Wooden Doll House

Jacob's Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys    

Thorpe Toys


Purchasing used toys is a great way to save $, as well as purchase items that are no longer made; we purchased many unique used wooden toys for our little one.

See this post for Christmas baby gift ideas




Wool & Sheepskin Products

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Egli Sheep farm C
Wonderful World of Sheepskin C
Check out our blog post on baby wool items: "I love Ewe, Baby"  



What memories do you have of your nursery?

I have found this simple paradigm of love (local, used, and fair-trade) makes such an impact! And brings such joy to your nursery. During the endless hours of sitting in the nursery comforting and feeding a little one, allowing one's eyes to survey the impact of choices . . . one discovers a unique delight that comes only from thinking about others.

Preparing for baby is one of the most precious seasons of life. . .thus, being rooted in a shopping paradigm of goodwill for one's "neighbour" would seem to be a natural outflow of the love & joy of the season.  As Canadian mamas and papas prepare for their little one, they can be actively sharing love for their "neighbour" with some simple intentionality.


Stay tuned for our baby news. . .

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Headbands: Style yourself Canadian-Made

So excited to share about the Canadian-made headbands that I received from Stylish Mode.

Solid Headbands


Ever felt that your hair needs some flair (rhyming, I know), and want your outfit to be a hit? {grin}  I do! This is how I discovered Stylish Mode.

I was looking for three things in my headband:

  1. Canadian-made. Most headbands purchased on the market are imports, but not these!
  2. Headbands with a flair; something unique
  3. Custom-made. My head size needs a headband with a bit of alteration.

Well, I found all three "must-haves" in Stylish Mode, and they sent me a few different styles:


Mustard Yellow Headband



Wide Navy Polka Dot Headband


Scarf  Headband for Women - Blue

I have immensely enjoyed wearing my headbands. The reason for my initial interest was that I wanted a pretty headband for my upcoming baby #2's arrival . . . to both keep my hair out of my eyes, and for pictures. I love associating memories with something specially chosen; I'm sure I will treasure this headband for many years to come.

My husband also commented on my headband, and told me he would love to see me get a navy polka dot dress. I was surprisingly amused. I had no idea the fabric would strike him like that! {grin}


Stylish Mode also makes the following:

Turban Hats for Women



Beaded Headband



Winter Headband


Rebecca, owner of Stylish Mode, has a passion for creativity. She started Stylish Mode back in 2007 when she was on the hunt for the perfect headband, and ended up sewing her own.

Rebecca believes that headbands don't just hold your hair back, they add that pretty feminine compliment to our outfits that make us unique. It's about wearing the best quality headbands around, standing out like a well made suit. It's about creating your own personal sense of style, that make those around you smile and say "hi".

Headbands for Women

Back in 2009 Rebecca was honored to have had her handmade keychains featured in Woman's World magazine.

She has a love for all things colorful, fabrics with retro prints and flowers, and is a self-proclaimed animal print addict. Have a look through the shop, you'll see these themes carry on over into the handmade headbands available on the site.

Colorful Headbands

Looking for some Canadian-made inspiration for your attire?

Check out Stylish Mode!

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Baby Registry. . . A BIG Hit

Our recent blog post this spring regarding an online baby guide for Canadian parents desiring to shop local or fair trade, was a big hit!

This is exactly what Canadians have been waiting for. . . both parents and gift-buyers!  What a joy to see love & goodwill come into action.

Due to popular demand, Wholly Canadian is making the baby registry a permanent & accessible page on our website.

Check it out here!

Contact us if you want your Canadian-made baby product to be added to this directory that has now become a permanent link on Wholly Canadian's website.

We're just a few days away from giving birth to Wholly Canadian baby #2. Join us by celebrating this exciting directory {grin}.

We wrote about this in a blog post in 2015, and due to popular demand, Wholly Canadian is making the baby registry a permanent & accessible page on our website.

Contact us if you want your Canadian-made baby product to be added to this directory.

- See more at: http://whollycanadian.ca/best-shopping/baby.cfm#Categories
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