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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Get your Hands Dirty this Spring: Heritage Harvest

Are your fingers itching to get into the dirt? Are you craving that earthy smell? Do you find yourself yearning to rub your fingers against young seedlings and breathe in the smell of spring?

If so, you're not alone. Canada, despite our northern growing season, is home to some of the world's most avid gardeners. Perhaps it's because we understand the growing season is short, and we maximize each day of sunshine.

Despite living in Manitoba, February through April, my fingernails begin to look earthy. . .because it's planting time (well, indoors anyway).  I'm a farmer's daughter, and so signs of spring mean so much more to me than pulling out my shorts.  The longer days, the shifting of the sunset to the northern skyline, the return of the geese, the melting of the snow, the spring rains. . .means that another seasonal cycle is about begin. And I want to be a part of it!

And spring means planting time! Moreover, I want to teach my little one why spring is significant . . . and it's connection to life. #whatIwantmykidtoknowbefore18

For numerous years I have turned to Heritage Harvest Seeds (located in Carman, Manitoba) for my seeds. But not just any seeds, heirloom seeds.

I wrote about why heirloom seeds matter here. If you're new to this, or need a refesher, check out our post for seed terminology that many find confusing (e.g. the difference between heirloom/heritage, hybrid, GMO).


Let me tell you what makes Heritage Harvest Seeds so outstanding. . .

I asked them a few questions to give Canadian gardeners a chance to appreciate what they provide.

What products do you provide?

Heirloom vegetable, flower and herb seed: no GMO's, untreated, non hybrid seed

What's your mission?

To preserve rare and endangered heirloom seed and provide high quality seed to our customers

Why should Canadians buy from Heritage Harvest Seed?

Heritage Harvest Seed has one of the best selections of rare heirloom seed in North America. All of our seed is non GMO, untreated and non hybrid. We are a mail order business and ship seed across Canada

Where can Canadians purchase your product

Mail order business. Check us out online, or request a paper catalogue.


Why did you choose Wholly Canadian to feature your products?

Because Wholly Canadian promotes Canadian local businesses like ours.


What does local living mean to you?

Local living is very important to us, we love knowing that what we are eating is free of chemicals and grown locally.


Heritage Harvest Seeds sent me some seeds. Here's some of what I'm growing this year:

Tomatoes: Manitoba Tomato & Farthest North Tomoto

Vegetable: Doe Hill Pepper, Beit Alpha Cucumber, & Golden Zucchini

Herbs: Old Ukranian Dill, Lettuce Leaf Basil, Parsley, Sorrel

Beans: Mennonite K Triple A, Mennonite Purple Stripe, & Early Riser Bean

Fruit: Gnadenfeld melon

Flowers: Forget Me Not, Larkspur: Giant Imperial, & Morning Glory: Grandpa Ott’s


Many of these seeds would make great Mother's Day Gifts {hint, hint}.  Heritage Harvest was also featured in our Best of Canada's Valentine's Day gift guide.


What are you growing this year?

Make sure to check out Heritage Harvest Seed for your quality heirloom seed purchases.

Get your fingers dirty & support local business. . .support Canadian business!

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