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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Best Canadian Baby Registry List . . . True Love

There are only a few times in life where a person has to engage in a major shopping spree to prepare for another stage of life. . .and one of those is having a baby!

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So often Canadian parents are relying on imported goods to set up their nursery, not because they necessarily desire that, but just because these goods are so accessible. 

Photo credit: www.catephotography.com

Questions Canadian parents have:

  • Where do I find Canadian-made products?
  • I'm on a tight budget, won't it cost more?
  • I don't know have extra time to do research, can you help me out?


Wholly Canadian wants to help Canadian parents out by preparing a list that incorporates three of our major tenets:

  1. Shop Canadian-made . . .actively loving your fellow Canadian citizen/ "neighbour"
  2. Shop fair-trade . . .supporting your international "neighbour"
  3. Shop vintage/re-purposed/pre-loved. . . purposing to care for Creation and live sustainably.


This simple paradigm of love makes such an impact! And brings such joy to your nursery. During the endless hours of sitting in the nursery comforting and feeding your little one, let your eyes survey the impact of your choices. . .and discover a unique delight that comes from thinking about others.
Preparing for baby is one of the most precious seasons of life. . .thus, being rooted in a shopping paradigm of goodwill for one's "neighbour" would seem to be a natural outflow of the love & joy of the season.  As Canadian mamas and papas prepare for their little one, they can be actively sharing love for their "neighbour" (whether it be a fellow Canadian citizen, an international worker, or else caring for creation by buying used) with some simple intentionality.

Categories:"Best Canadian Baby Registry"

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Nursery Furniture

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used


(rockers, cribs, bassinets, dressers, etc)

Dutailier C
Monte C
Natart Juvenile C
Buying used in this category is also an excellent choice. . .



Canadian-made: (Dutailier rocker that we love, Shepherd's Dream bedding & mattress that creates an ideal place to count sheep, and home-made curtains); and Second-hand items (crib, mobile, little chair, corner shelf, re-purposed TV Tray made into a laundry hamper, artwork)

Canadian-made: (Kushies change-table cover); and Second-hand items (re-purposed dresser, bookcase, wall shelf)

Second-hand chandelier


C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Teething toys Ringley C
Painted Turtle C
Puppets & Dolls Ten Thousand Villages F
  Papoum C
Wooden Doll House Jacob's Wooden Toys C
Wooden Toys L'Atelier Cheval de Bois C
Thorpe Toys C

Purchasing used toys is a great way to save $, as well as purchase items that are no longer made; we purchased many unique used wooden toys for our little one.

See this post for Christmas baby gift ideas



Enjoying used toys, and riding his Canadian-made Thorpe Toys kiddie car

Clothing & Footwear

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Layette & Accessories


Kushies C
Itty Bitty Baby C
OM Home C
glo F
Glup C
Clothing & Accessories  Small Potatoes C
Mabel Retro C



Padraig C
ulla & viggo C
Soft Sole Baby Shoes C
Mini Toes C
Kamik (toddler boots) C


  • Sun Protection
No Zone C
  • Mittens
mimiTENS C
  • Jackets & Snowsuits
Canada Goose C

Buying used in this category makes so much sense; we've frequented consignment, thrift stores, garage sales, etc to keep up with our growing little one!



Vintage sweater I found in the thrift store, and vintage shoes my baby wore North American home-made outfit
Sporting vintage second-hand clothing 
Canadian-made Mable Retro PJs
North American home-made outfit

Bedding & Sleep Sacks

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Linens & Blankets Kushies C
Dream Designs C
OM Home C
Sweet Kyla C
Mattress & Duvet Shepherd's Dream C
Sleep Sacks Gurumama C
Kangapouch C


Diapering & Bathing

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Bathtub Spa Baby C
Diapers AMP C
Mother-ease C
Bummis C
Kushies C
Monkey Doodlez C
Apple Cheeks C
Boobles Bottoms C
Funky Fluff C
Ella Bella Bum C
Peepooie C
Maple Bean C
Jack Be Thimble C



Elari Diaper Wallets C
Playful Peanut C
Colibri C
Buying used in this category is a great way to save money.  U


Diaper Stash with pre-owned & Canadian-made diapers

See why we cloth diaper in this post

Baby "Equipment"

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Carseat Clek C
Carseat Accessories Playful Peanut C
Saucers/Playpens/Strollers/Swings, etc Has anyone discovered these items made in Canada? U


 Used saucer that came in handy when mama gardened

Feeding & Nursing

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

High Chairs/ Boosters Monte C
Bibs Mally Bibs C
Nursing Accessories  Mayukori Nursing Pillow C
Kushies C
Nneka Nursing Pillow C
Sweet Sparrow Design C


baby eating rice for the first time

In his used high chair; sporting his Canadian-made Mally Bib

Baby Health & Skincare

C= Canadian-made, F=fairtrade, U=used

Lotions, Balms, SPF & Soaps Dimpleskins C
Mama Pacha Tags used and repurposed  Canadian-made  fair-trade  baby 
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