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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How? A Proposal of Wholly Canadian Living

A Shopping Paradigm of Goodwill

As much as possible, I buy locally/Canadian. Undoubtedly people ask me, what if the product I need is not available locally?

In such cases, I integrate three other "neighbourly" criteria into my purchases as much as possible:

1.  Buying locally—buying Canadian.


When not possible...

2.  Buying fair-trade:

  • buying products that give a fair wage to the farmer or artisan. . .instead of the mentality of "buying what cheapest for me and who cares about the story and people who made it")

When not possible...

3.  Buying second-hand/upcycling:

  • rather than buying new, re-use by buying-second hand from online classifieds, thrift stores, or garage sales. Re-purposing/upcylicng is also a key component to sustainable living.

When not possible...

4.  Buying terroir: 

  • a French term that infers that a product reflects its origin or its sense of place. This term can be borrowed for sustainable living in terms of consumption of goods. Examples of purchasing terroir would be cinnamon from Sri Lanka,  bamboo from China, or maple syrup from Canada. An example of the inverse of purchasing terroir would be purchasing a sheepskin processed in China that originated in New Zealand, and is now sold in Canada.

Whilst these four criteria may not always be possible, I am surprised more often when they do not, than when they do. Recently I sought to purchase a rain jacket, and I typed in the words "rain jacket" and "made in Canada," and was not disappointed.

So join me in a journey of living wholly Canadian... A journey of community, localism, and goodwill.



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