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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ewe will love these Dryer Balls: Splat & Co

I had the privilege of doing a product review for Splat & Co.'s dryer balls. I've owned plastic dryer balls (the ones that bounce like a loud drum in your dryer) for many years. . . well that has now changed.

But before I write my review, let me tell you why this Canadian-company (Kewlowna B.C. ), Splat & Co is so special.

I asked them a series of questions:

What products do you provide?
We are hand crafters of various wearable items and lifestyle accessories in primarily natural wool fibers.. warm, appealing but slightly edgy items that go with many different styles and have longevity built in.

What's your mission?
Our mission is to promote natural fibers and their benefits to a wider audience. As well as promote sustainability and local production.

Why should Canadians buy from your company? What makes you unique compared to your competitors?

  • We support Canadian-business ourselves! Being proud Canadians, we feel it only fitting to support other Canadian industries for our supplies. In such we source our wool for both our dryer balls and knitwear from an Alberta family run mill who in turn get their wool from western Canadian farmers. So when you buy our products you not only get a 100% Canadian product you are supporting the farmer,the mill, and the maker all within your country and local economy.
  • Quality: Our products strive to meet many key qualities such as performance, longevity, sustainability, and environmental standings.
  • Unique: As for our uniqueness, that is in part due to our funky style that blends a little bit of "punk" attitude with a natural sustainable product thus we are cute but edgy, with a long life span- all to make our wearables more than just awesome to own and use.


Where can Canadians purchase your product?

  • - www.splatandco.com
  • -www.etsy.com/shop/SplatAndCo
  • -Scallywags, Kelowna B.C
  • -Mission Trading Company,Kelowna B.C
  • -Funktional,Kelowna B.C
  • - The Blue Frog, Penticton B.C
  • -Anna's Vitamins Plus, Vernon B.C
  • -Grassroots Health Hut, Armstrong B.C
  • -The Coral Barn, Round Hill Ab
  • - Wild Things Baby, Calgary Ab


Why did you choose Wholly Canadian to feature your product?

We love what Wholly Canadian stands for. We would love to see more people shopping and producing locally.

What does local living mean to you?
Living local, to us, is being tuned in to the various aspects of your community and lifestyle that more closely approximates the dream held within your head and/ or heart.


Product Review

Why I recommend Splat & Co.'s dryer balls:

  • They're quiet. I cannot tell you how crazy it is that we co-existed (for years!) with our plastic dryer balls that were extremely noisy. We live in a small old house, and the thumping would sometimes wake sleeping members--or else we timed our dryer schedule around naps and sleep times. Sometimes I would tell myself to think of that loud thumping as as a lullabye. . . .and trick myself. Ha! No more.
  • The dryer balls are made of all natural fibres. I'm not a fan of plastic, so it's kind of ironic that I was putting plastic in a heat source . It feels wonderful to have something naturally sourced in my dryer.
  • They save $$$. By lifting the wet clothes, it reduces the dyer time. Love it!
  • It reduces cling. The wool dryer balls naturally separate clothing.
  • Sustainable choice; no dryer sheets and toxins.
  • Pairs well with essential oils!  Splat & Co sent me natural lavendar; what a luxury to have lavender-scented laundry:)
  • They've got the cutest motifs. I'm in love with wool and all things "sheep-sy". . .so I loved the sheep motif on my dryer balls.  But did you know they've got different animals, colours for special occassions, or undyed natural balls.
  • They have a dual function. . .they double up as toys!  My one year old baby loves these! He thinks they're his toys. . .and says "Baaa" when he sees them.. . And what a wonderful natural toy. Right now I can only find two of my dryer balls. . .I dare say the underbelly of my couch needs a tidy {grin}
  • I also appreciate that this company does custom orders. I first got to know them when I asked them to make a custom wool ball with a jingle bell in the ball for baby's first Christmas. . .You can read about it here; they created an identical ball to the one in vintage Golden Book "Baby's Christmas."
  • Finally, this company impresses me because of their varied products. I'm drooling over their chunky merino baby leg warmers and wool cowls. Dreaming. . .

Chunky knit wool leg warmers, 100% Canadian Merino wool baby/toddler leg warmers.Chunky Knit Ombré wool cowl, 100% Canadian merino wool cowl!Adult size chunky knit cowl


Have you used wool dryer balls? 


If you have tried them, what do you like about them?

If you have not tried wool dryer balls, what feature would make you try Splat & Co. dryer balls?


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