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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cyer Monday Sale: 2017

Give the gift of replinishing health!  We've got a long Canadian winter ahead!


17% discount for Cyber 2017 :)

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Image result for cyber monday


Did you know 80% of your overall health is in your gut?. . . A healthy gut always belongs to a healthy person!


Cookies made with milk kefir "cheese". . .simply made with our milk kefir grains. (Imagine eating icing that builds up your gut!)


Take 17% off all our cultured products for 2017!

milk kefir grains cultures for health wholly canadian

Check out all our products. . .something for everyone.




To take advantage of this discount. . .you can either:

1)simply put "Save17" in the special instructions on paypal, and we will refund you 17% of your products ordered via paypal. . .and send you a refund


2)you can contact us for a customized, and discounted paypal invoice.


Check out all our products here!


Simply Save towards health this Season!



Bubbly kefir water

Offer ends Monday at midnight. Check out all our products here!

Have a great shopping day. . .and shop local!



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