Wholly Canadian is a social enterprise promoting whole-life local living
...a breath of fresh air for those with a heart for local /fair-trade living, & inspiration for those intrigued...

Who? About Wholly Canadian...

Wholly Canadian is a social enterprise that promotes whole-life local living . . .

Founded by Lois, a young Canadian woman, this venture is a breath of fresh air to those with a heart for local & fair-trade living . . . and an inspiration for those intrigued . . .


The Beginnings:

Lois and her child - Wholly Canadian - Localism - Canada

The concept of Wholly Canadian goes back to early 2008 when Lois was working on her graduate studies in Vancouver, B.C. Travelling on the bus to and from school, she spent many hours pondering localism. Her bus would journey through neighbourhoods that had an array of eclectic stores varying from locally owned joints to high end boutiques intertwined with chain stores. Even through the foggy windows of the bus and drizzling rain, her eyes were drawn to some boutiques boasting beautiful displays. But the realities of a graduate student (a tight budget and student schedule) prevented her from entering those stores. Daily her bus would just whisk her by. It took months of living in Vancouver prior to setting foot into one such high fashion boutique. Ready for some "window shopping," Lois picked up an item she admired and of course looked for the tag to ascertain where it was made. The problem was that the security clip was blocking the country's name. All she could see was the words "made in C*." The rest of the word was cut off — only the "C" was visible. So Lois graciously asked a sales associate where that particular item was made. The associate assured her that it was made in Canada. Lois asked if she might confirm this. The sales associate, in her uppity manner, insisted it was made in Canada. "Would you mind checking and removing this security tag," Lois asserted. The sales associate proceeded to do so, and when she came back she mustered up enough dignity to inform Lois that it indeed was not made in Canada. The "C" represented an entirely different country.

That day the sales associate and Lois received a valuable education, well maybe it was more of an education for Lois! Here is what was learned: "Veneer" is glossy, but its beauty is superficial. Scratches of "curiosity" mar its lustre quickly. However , true beauty is inherently intertwined with holistic goodwill. Lois eventually began to see how products and services undergirded with a community orientation (whether local or fair trade) become vehicles of goodwill that intrinsically give way to local microcosms with global impact.

This incident proved to be critical for the inception of Wholly Canadian. From that point onward, an earthy localism appeared much more attractive to Lois than cheap glitz and glamour.

Since 2008 Lois has aimed to truly "live" in Canada with a renewed paradigm of localism: viewing the "bottom line" as more than solely dollar figures, seeking the good of our "neighbour," and integrating a sustainable lifestyle.



Wholly Canadian is in its initial stages of development, recently launched in 2014. This social enterprise is developing into a community for Canadians to be encouraged in localism and goodwill via online tools: social media, joining the Wholly Canadian community, giveaway contests, reading Lois' top ten picks of the month, blog, and much more!


Near Future:

In its next phase it will become an online connecting point for Canadian businesses to proudly showcase their made-in-Canada products via an online database featuring categories of wholly Canadian products. This will provide an organic intersection for Canadian consumers and producers. So stay tuned for these exciting developments!

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About Lois: A Canadian Bio

Lois currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but grew up in the rural prairies of Manitoba. As a girl she collected minnows by a creek where her great-grand parents built a sod house upon their immigration to Canada. Shaped by her agricultural upbringing, Lois is rooted in a prairie land she loves.

One day Lois hopes to live on a small acreage, own a husky dog, and have a "country-sized" garden (right now she has town sized-garden). Her favourite things? Well, on a wholly Canadian day she can be found sipping lavender tea, thrifting at her favourite local thrift shops, lost in some local boutique, or visiting a conventional boutique asking many questions and creating what her husband calls general havoc, or engrossed in some online research using her favourite phrase — "made in Canada."

Lois has come to embrace the slow food movement and enjoys a sustainable food diet, delighting in the ravishing delights of Canadian cuisine.

A dream of hers would be to have a genuine conversation with the Queen over tea.

Occasionally Lois' rugged yet dapper husband watches the Canadian TV series Road to Avonlea with her, which gives her great joy. They were blessed with a baby boy in 2013: William Harrison. They now have a major "baby crush."

Lois received her education in various disciplines (education, business, and theology) across some of Canada's landscape: A Business Diploma & B. Ed in Manitoba, B. A. in Saskatchewan, and M.A. in theological interdisciplinary studies in British Columbia.