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Wholly Canadian Recipes

Wholly Canadian Recipes

100% Canadian ingredients (local diet)

The recipes featured here contain 100% Canadian ingredients. This is a wonderful resource for those committed to eating a local diet. Enjoy the simple, wholesome recipes featuring our local Canadian food.

Canadian Flavours

Recipes of Ingredients Manufactured in Canada

The recipes featured here contain ingredients that were manufactured or processed in Canada. E.g. Vanilla extract: The vanilla bean is not native to Canada, but one can buy vanilla extract that is processed in Canada thus supporting a Canadian company. This paradigm expands one food choices, while still supporting our Canadian economy.

Wholly Canadian meets Fair Trade

Canadian Ingredients & Fair Trade Ingredients

The recipes featured here include fair trade ingredients. This inclusion is connected to #2 in A Proposal of Canadian Living: A Paradigm of Goodwill. This further extends one's food choices while still operating from a paradigm of goodwill. E.g. fair-trade chocolate!