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Greek Yogurt Starter: $21.99

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About Greek Yogurt Starter: Authentic Greek yogurt! Deliciously rich and tangy, this heirloom thermophilic starter can be re-cultured indefinitely. Drain whey from the finished product to replicate super-thick commercial Greek yogurt or enjoy as-is.

Why Culture your own Yogurt?

  • Optimal Health via Probiotic Strains: Homemade yogurt will more likely contain a larger number of probiotic strains than will conventinal yogurt. Are you searching for health? A healthy gut belongs to a healthy person . . . so get that gut healthy!

  • Premium Product: By choosing your own ingredients, you can make a product that not only is not available on the shelf, but is higher quality ingredients, e.g. (raw, organic, dairy choice, non-dairy choice, etc). You can make a yogurt that is notches above what can be purchased!

  • Save $$$: Making your own yogurt costs significantly less than commercial yogurt and you have complete control over the ingredients you use. You save lots of $$$! The yogurt starter is replinishable. No need to purchase it again.


Your Greek Yogurt Starter: What's in the Box?

cultures for health greek yogurt wholly canadian

  • Each box contains 2 packets of yogurt starter

  • Replinishable starter

  • Activate 1 packet using 1 quart pasteurized milk; store 2nd packet in the freezer as a back-up

  • Cultures at 110ºF using a yogurt maker or other appliance

  • Shipping Information:

    • Our Greek starter culture is shipped in a barrier-sealed packet as a freeze-dried yogurt culture. The starter keeps

      • At room temperature (68° to 78°F): 3 to 4 months

      • In the refrigerator (40° to 45°F): 9 months unopened

      • In the freezer (0° to 25°F): 12 months unopened

      • Shipping & Handling:  flat rate anywhere in Canada

          • Add up to two culture starter kits for this flat rate! Click here for more nourishing and exciting culture starter kits.

          • Please leave two weeks for delivery

$21.99 Greek Yogurt Starter: Ready-to-Ship


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Pick-up: in St Vital, Winnipeg only

  • Upon payment we will hold your culture for two weeks.

  • Contact info & directions will be sent upon payment. Contact us here if you have any questions.

  •  Click here for more nourishing and exciting culture starter kits.

$21.99 Greek Yogurt Starter: Ready for Pick-up in Winnipeg

Click here  for a related hands-on course in Winnipeg!
Learn by doing . . .or learn long-distance!




Greek Yogurt Details (Cultures for Health)

  • This culture is also suitable for use with raw dairy milk or non-dairy milk, with special care.

  • For an even creamier consistency, make a batch with 1 part heavy cream to 3 parts whole milk.

  • Yogurt is delicious with added fruit or sweetener, and great in many recipes.


  •     Organic milk, live active bacteria (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus).

  •     Non-GMO

Instructions and Troubleshooting:

  •     Instructions for using this starter are included and can be found here.

  •     Having trouble activating your culture? Browse through Culture for Life's  Troubleshooting Articles.

Culture Allergen Information:

  • This culture is manufactured in a facility that produces products containing soy and dairy.



HANDS-ON--Bubbly & Creams Course: Winnipeg, MB

BEAT THE SUGAR CRAZE! Sweet cool drinks are a must all year-round!  Is your family reaching for drinks laden with sugar (frozen drink concentrates, powder drinks, soda, and even just plain 100% juice?)  All of these are chalk-full of sugar!  And sugar lowers the immune system.

Interested in real whole food?

Take this bubbly  & creams course and learn to make homemade soda drinks fit for the whole family . Not only will you be beating the sugar craze, but providing drinks that are full of probiotics (healthy bacteria)! 

And you will be providing your family with nutrient-dense healthy cultured cream & cheese products right in your kitchen!

So let’s start there.  Want to give your family an immune boost while still providing fun, refreshing, sparkling drinks?  

Interested in making rich creams and cheeses that are full of probiotics right in your kitchen?

Here’s what you will learn:

  • water kefir flavoured with fruit (sparkling drink)

  • dairy kefir drink

  • kombucha

  • cultured cream: served as sour cream and sweetened clotted cream

Click here for more details . . .