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Wholly Canadian Traditional Food Courses

Bubbly Family Drinks & Creams: Made Fun & Healthy!


Choose from one of these dates for our Winnipeg-based courses: (See details on course here)



Saturday, November 5th, 2016 7:30-9:30 PM

Monday, December 5th, 2016 7:30-9:30 PM


Alternatively if the above course dates don't work for you, contact us to:

  • Learn in a "Journey towards Health" party (minimum 4 people). You may plan with a date in mind that works for you and your friends! Learning in community is exciting . . . so why not add some healthy delicious food, learn with friends, and call it a party! So much fun!  A group discount is given.

  • One-to-One Session: Or perhaps you would like to schedule a one-to-one tutorial geared towards your interests. The personalized one-to-one has proved helpful & convenient for people with a busy schedule.

  • Phone or Electronic Sessions: Live long distance, but want to get in on the some of the rich knowledge of traditional food? Let's communicate electronically or via phone and make something work for you. Don't let distance or time keep you from investing in your health!

  • Self-Learner? Don't forget we have ready-to-culture & ready-to-ship cultures available if you are a self-learner.

Simply, contact us with your needs . . .and learn from a certified traditional food's teacher. Invest today, for tomorrow!


We also have a wide array of other topical traditional food courses to keep you craving healthy food!



Bubbly Family Drinks & Creams: Made Fun & Healthy!

BEAT THE SUGAR CRAZE! Sweet cool drinks are a must all year-round!  Is your family reaching for drinks laden with sugar (frozen drink concentrates, powder drinks, soda, and even just plain 100% juice?)  All of these are chalk-full of sugar!  And sugar lowers the immune system.

Ever noticed that sour cream, and cheese is full of modified milk ingredients and fillers? 

Interested in real whole food?


Clotted cultured cream. . .this cream is not whipped; it is naturally clotted from the milk kefir grain. And amazingly healthy laden with probiotic strains! And heavenly delicious! The cultured cream is weetened with Manitoba honey, and served on a fair-trade chocolate brownie made with Manitoba oats, raw honey, and pastured eggs.

Take this bubbly course and learn to make homemade soda drinks fit for the whole family (my 1-year old baby is a huge fan). Not only will you be beating the sugar craze, but providing drinks that are full of probiotics (healthy bacteria)! 

And you will be providing your family with nutrient-dense healthy cultured cream & cheese products right in your kitchen!


Bubbly drink: kefir water with freshly squeezed MB concord grape juice

 Bubbly drink: kefir water with MB strawberries
Bubbly drink: kefir water with squeezed MB apples Bubbly drink: kombucha flavoured with MB strawberries

 It’s a well know fact that a healthy gut means a healthy person. . .

And a healthy gut aids in weight management. . .



Wild rice burger on traditioanl sourdough bread laden with traditional kefir cheese--you will learn to make this kefir cheese in class!


So let’s start there.  Want to give your family an immune boost while still providing fun, refreshing, sparkling drinks?  

Interested in making rich creams and cheeses that are full of probiotics right in your kitchen?

Here’s what you will learn:

  • water kefir flavoured with fruit (sparkling drink)

  • dairy kefir drink

  • kombucha

  • cultured cream: served as sour cream and sweetened clotted cream

  • kefir cheese


  • Course: $49 (2 hour course)

  • Food: $49

    • Premium ingredients sourced with effort and care: all ingredients will be fair trade or local, as well as organic.
      You will receive all the cultures to continually make these at home! Saving you loads of $$$ in your grocery bill.

    • Included in this food cost is taste-testing of numerous drinks, cream & cheeses served on sourdough bread and granola.

  • Total: $98

You will bring:

  • Four jars:

    • 1. Kombucha jar: gallon jar--(4 quarts), also known as alarge pickle jar

    • 2. Water Kefir Jar: 2 quart jar (½ gallon)

    • 3. Milk kefir jar: 1 quart

      (Alternatively, you can bring 1-quart jars for all of them if you want smaller quantities)

    • 4. One sterilized  pint jar or jam jar (enough for at least 1 cup of liquid). . . sterilization is best but not required

  •     Milk— fill the "milk kefir jar"  with the milk you drink--any type of dairy milk is fine, cow, goat, raw, etc

  • Tablespoon for measuring

  • crate/ box to transport your jars safely home

  • READY AT HOME: 5-8 black or green teabags (organic is best). . .you don’t have to bring these along but you will make the tea (for the kombucha) once you get home. . . .as I don’t want you travelling with hot water!

Come for an evening of taste testing, fun, life-changing education, and tasty treats!

Where: Winnipeg (location will be announced upon registration)

When:  (see dates & times at the top of the page)
Cost: $98 (course & supplies). Contact me for a group discount on the course portion if you bring a friend.


Cancellation Policy: In the event of cancellation, for a full refund allow 10 days notice. 50% refund up to 48 prior to course, after which there is no refund for a cancellation.




Searching for health? Searching for fun drinks? Put your family on the right path! Invest in this 2 hour course for the health of your family. 

Begin your journey of traditionally prepared bubbly drinks and creams. . . .

As a certified traditional food instructor I can you tell what an incredible difference this has made in my journey towards health and wholeness. Health is worth so much! Add to that enjoyment. . . My whole family loves these drinks and creams.


Sourdough spelt bread laden with homemade kefir cheese. . .so gentle on the digestive system and so nourishing!

Remember:  A healthy gut = a healthy person!



We also have a wide array of other topical traditional food courses to keep you craving healthy food!

Also, don't forget we have ready-to-culture & ready-to-ship cultures available if you are a self-learner.