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Cultured Veggies Course:

A Wholesome Alternative to Canned Goods!

 cultured veggies made in canada wholly canadian


Choose from one of these dates in Morden, MB:

Option 1: Monday, October 16 6:00-9:15 pm (2017)

Option 2: Saturday, Nov 4 9:30 am-12:15 pm (2017)

Option 3: Monday, Jan 15 6:00-9:15 pm (2018)


(If you are interested in a course in Winnipeg, gather a group of 4 people and we can make this happen! Contact us. )

Cultured Veggies Course


Here's what you will joyfully go home with from this course . . .

Alternatively if the above course dates don't work for you, contact us to:

  • Learn in a "Journey towards Health" party (minimum 4 people). You may plan with a date in mind that works for you and your friends! Learning in community is exciting . . . so why not add some healthy delicious food, learn with friends, and call it a party! So much fun!  A group discount is given.

  • One-to-One Session: Or perhaps you would like to schedule a one-to-one tutorial geared towards your interests. The personalized one-to-one has proved helpful & convenient for people with a busy schedule.

  • Phone or Electronic Sessions: Live long distance, but want to get in on the some of the rich knowledge of traditional food? Let's communicate electronically or via phone and make something work for you. Don't let distance or time keep you from investing in your health!

  • Self-Learner? Don't forget we have ready-to-culture & ready-to-ship cultures available if you are a self-learner.

Simply, contact us with your needs . . .and learn from a certified traditional food's teacher. Invest today, for tomorrow!


We also have a wide array of other topical traditional food courses to keep you craving healthy food!


Cultured Veggies Course:

A Wholesome Alternative to Canned Goods!


Here's what you will learn in class:

  • the roots of fermentation

  • health benefits of fermentation

  • how to safely & easily ferment vegetables

  • learn the many ways to use leftover brine

  • ideas to make the perfect lunch!

Naturally fermented sauerkraut


What is Lacto-Fermentation?

  • long before the conveniences of fridges, freezers, and canners, people preserved food through a process called lacto-fermentation

  • it converts the naturally-abounding sugars and starches in your veggies into lactic acid . . . thus, acting as a natural preservative

  • eating lacto-fermented food aids digestion and helps keep our guts populated with essential micro-flora


cultured vegetables carrot kraut made in canada wholly canadian

ginger carrot kraut


 It's a well know fact that a healthy gut means a healthy person. . .

And a healthy gut aids in weight management. . .

Canning versus


big time commitment done in minutes
sterilized tools clean tools
hard work simple
specific tools basic tools
destory most vitamins increases vitamins
destroys enzymes increases enzymes
no probiotics rich in probiotics
"dead" food "live" food
no added nutritional value essential nutrition


Here's what you will make in class:

  • dill pickles

  • sauerkraut

  • sliced single veggie ferments

  • in addition you will receive instructions and tips in learning how to make a ginger carrot kraut, sweet bread & butter pickles, kimchi, & raw salsa

cultured pickels made in canada dill wholly canadian

cultured dill pickles


  • Course: $49.99
  • Food/Supplies: $30.00
  • Total: $79.99

You will bring:

  • three--quart jars. Must bring sealed lids for all jars
  • three--pint jars (jam jars) Must bring sealed lids for all jars
  • Food:
    • 4-5 washed pickling cucumbers (or 15-20 small cucs). . .enough to fill one quart jar
    • 6 peeled cloves garlic
    • 1 medium green cabbage cored and shredded
    • 3 cups of a variety of washed bite-sized veggies, or cut-up invividual veggies (e.g. carrots, peppers, onions, broccoli, etc).  You choose what you like; variety or a single veggie is up to you.  You basically need to bring enough to fill a quart jar.
    • 3/4 cup dripped whey. You learn how to do this in our Cultured Drinks & Creams course, but there is also a helpful link here and here.  Alternatively, you can also purchase some premium whey from Wholly Canadian here.
  • tablespoon for measuring, large glass bowl, and canning jar funnel
  • helpful to have a kraut or pickle packer like this one. . .but you can improvise with other kitchen tools
  • crate/ box to transport your jars safely home

Come for a time of taste testing, fun, life-changing education, and some delicious food!

Where: Morden (location will be announced upon registration)

When:  (see dates & times at the top of the page)
Cost: $79.99 (course & supplies).

  • Contact me for a friend-discount on the course portion if you bring a friend.

Cultured Veggies Course


cultured lunch vegetables fermented sourdough kombucha wholly canadian made in canada

The perfect lunch: sourdough bread, laden with cultured cream cheese, single veggie ferments ginger carrot kraut, and garden lettuce drizzeled with cultured veggie brine. . .with a glass of sparkling strawberry kombucha


Searching for health? Searching for nourishing & satisfying food? Put your family on the right path! Invest in this course for the health of your family. 

Begin your journey of traditionally prepared food . . . .

As a certified traditional food instructor I can you tell what an incredible difference this has made in my journey towards health and wholeness. Health is worth so much! Add to that enjoyment. . . My whole family is nourished.

 cultured vegetables carrot kraut made in canada wholly canadian

Remember:  A healthy gut = a healthy person!


We also have a wide array of other topical traditional food courses to keep you craving healthy food!


Also, don't forget we have ready-to-culture & ready-to-ship cultures available if you are a self-learner. 

The dehydrated vegetable starter is easy to ship, and also very practical for an extended stay when travelling.

Cutting Edge Starter Culture Front

Our hydrated vegetable starter is available in Winnipeg, and ready-to-go for easy of culturing for those with busy lives.

whey salt cultured vegetables made in canada