Wholly Canadian is a social enterprise promoting whole-life local living
...a breath of fresh air for those with a heart for local /fair-trade living, & inspiration for those intrigued...

Traditional Food Courses:

  1. Bubbly Drinks & Creams for the Whole Family: Made Fun & Healthy! 

  2. Sourdough Grains: Goodness Gracious Grains!

  3. Cultured Veggies Course: A Wholesome Alternative to Canning!


Also contact us if you're interested in a

      • "Traditional Fats" class (rendering tallow, lard, etc),
      • "Bone Broth" class.
      • "Soaking beans, grains & seeds" tutorial

We have a wide array of ways that you can learn . . . classes, group parties, one-to-one tutorials, phone/electronic sessions, etc. Invest in your health your way! Simply contact us.

 Self-Learner? Don't forget we have ready-to-culture & ready-to-ship cultures available if you are a self-learner.




What is Traditional Food?

Traditional Foods are foods the way your great-grandmother prepared foods. . .before convenient foods and refrigeration.

  • What did they eat? Think broth, rendered animal fats, soaked grains and beans, organ meats, sourdough breads, etc.

  • How did they preserve their produce? Think cultured vegetables and fruits like sauerkraut, cultured beets, etc.

  • How did they prepare their grains & beans so they would be both digestable and nourishing? Think sourdoughs & soaking. Click here for a resource on soaking.



cultured lunch vegetables fermented sourdough kombucha wholly canadian made in canada

The perfect lunch: sourdough bread, laden with cultured cream cheese, single veggie ferments,  ginger carrot kraut, and garden lettuce drizzeled with cultured veggie brine. . .with a glass of sparkling strawberry kombucha


Unearthing some of these ancient ways has been an exciting and health-enhancing journey for my family and me.  As a Certified Traditional Wisdom Modern Kitchen teacher I can show you how. . .




How are Wholly Canadian traditional food courses unique from other traditional food courses?

. . . we have the added emphasis of local and fair-trade ingredients!