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Wholly Canadian Traditional Food Courses:

Sourdough Course: Goodness Gracious Grains!


Choose from one of these dates in Morden, MB:

Option 1: Saturday, October 21 9:30-1:30 (2017)

Option 2: Saturday, Nov 18 9:30-1:30 (2017)

Option 3: Saturday, Jan 13 9:30-1:30 (2018)


(If you are interested in a course in Winnipeg, gather a group of 4 people and we can make this happen! Contact us. )

Sourdough Course


Here's what you will joyfully go home with from this course. . .


Alternatively, if the above dates don't work for you, contact us to:

  • PARTY! Learn in a "Journey towards Health" party (minimum 4 people). You may plan with a date in mind that works for you and your friends! Learning in community is exciting . . . so why not add some healthy delicious food, learn with friends, and call it a party! So much fun!  A group discount is given.

  • One-to-One Session: Or perhaps you would like to schedule a one-to-one tutorial geared towards your interests. The personalized one-to-one has proved helpful & convenient for people with a busy schedule.

  • Phone or Electronic Sessions: Live long distance, but want to get in on the some of the rich knowledge of traditional food? Let's communicate electronically or via phone and make something work for you. Don't let distance or time keep you from investing in your health!

  • Self-Learner? Don't forget we have ready-to-culture & ready-to-ship cultures available if you are a self-learner.

Simply, contact us with your needs . . .and learn from a certified traditional food's teacher. Invest today, for tomorrow!

We also have a wide array of other topical traditional food courses to keep you hungry & healthy!



Sourdough Course: Goodness Gracious Grains!

So many health paradigms are turning people against grains. It's no wonder, as they can cause havoc on our gut and immune system. But properly prepared grains. . .well that's another story. Learn to prepare grains in a gracious manner that turns a foe into a friend. 

Organic spelt sourdough bread


Sourdough is an ancient practicing of soaking/ culturing/ fermenting, making the grains become friendly for you. The phytic acid (membrane around grain) around is an anti-nutrient that inhibits the absorption of the nutrients and minerals that grains offer us. Nature's miracle, traditional sourdough and soaking, not only lowers the gluten, but also makes the vitamins and minerals absorb-able for you.


See an excellent resource chart for soaking grains/ seeds/ nuts.


sourdough granola speltWholesome in bowl! Sourdough spelt & oat granola topped with fruit. . .choose homemade goodness because even organic conventional cereal is toxic.


Want to re-think grains?  Ready to begin a weekly rhythm of breaking bread for your family? (Side note: I never thought I would be baking bread. . I just wasn't that person.  I still chuckle when I pull out a steaming loaf of fresh bread from the oven). You can! I am a testimony of re-friending grains in a good and gracious manner.


Wild rice burger on traditional sourdough bread laden with traditional kefir cheese


Here's what you will learn in the basic course:

  • sourdough spelt bread

  • sourdough crackers

  • sourdough pancakes

  • Optional: Granola (additional $17.99 for course & materials)

    • Definitely worth it. . .you will make granola, eat granola, and learn why conventional cereal, even organic cereal, is toxic! Make wholesome-goodness at home:)


  • Basic Course: $40 (Contact me if you bring a friend--receive a discount on the course portion)

  • Food Supplies: $39.99 (Total basic course: $79.99)

    • Premium ingredients sourced with effort and care: all ingredients will be fair trade or local, as well as organic. You will receive the culture to continually make these at home! Saving you loads of $$$ in your grocery bill.

    • Included in this food cost is taste-testing of  numerous traditional drinks, creams and/or cheeses served on your newly-learned sourdough products! Yum!

You will bring:

  • 5 cups spelt or wheat

  • large glass bowl

  • tablespoon

When: (see dates at the top of the page)
Where: Morden, MB (address will be given upon registration)
Cost: $79.99 (basic course & supplies).

  • See option to include granola course portion in the course (add $17.99)

  • Contact me for a friend-discount on the course portion if you bring a friend.

Sourdough Course


Cancellation Policy: In the event of cancellation, for a full refund allow 10 days notice. 50% refund up to 48 prior to course, after which there is no refund for a cancellation.


Sourdough spelt bread laden with homemade kefir cheese. . .so gentle on the digestive system and so nourishing!

Quality loaves of bread range $6 upward, and most are not even properly prepared, creating havoc in your body. Save $$$ and provide from at home. 

Invest in this course for the health of your family! Feel good about grains. Allow them to graciously nourish you the way they were intended.  Properly prepared grains aid in weight management.
 Are you ready?

As a certified traditional food instructor I can you tell what an incredible difference this has made in my journey towards health and wholeness. Health is worth so much! Add to that enjoyment . . .


The aroma of fresh bread wafting through the kitchen. . .

Remember:  A healthy gut = a healthy person!