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...a breath of fresh air for those with a heart for local /fair-trade living, & inspiration for those intrigued...

Wildflowers: Nuggets of Wisdom

Wildflowers are beautiful surprises of life...they are are not intentionally planted, but are seasonal reminders to us that some beauty is organic and simply out of our control.  Wildflowers are timeless reminders of inherent beauty.

This section is dedicated to website links for pilgrims on a whole-life journey of localism & goodwill. . .organizations & charities that bloom where planted.


Nutrition  & Health Education:


Traditional Food Resources:

  • GNOWFGLINS:  recipes for traditional, local, in-season foods. . .and whole-life inspiration


Food & Farm

  • Food Matters Manitoba: a registered charity that engages Manitobans toward healthy, fair, and sustainable food for all

  • Small Farms Manitoba: a farm directory that helps connect producers and consumers interested in local produce