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This Month's Top Picks: February 2015

Dimpleskins Naturals: Baby Balms

It's been great finding an all-natural baby skin line that is made in Canada. We received the Sniffles, Bum Bum, Cradle Me, and Sweet Cheeks as baby gifts.  Our favourites have been the Bum Bum & Sniffles.

I have to say this collection makes for a great baby gift; it sets up a mother well! I remember the first time my baby had a stuffed nose, and I had the "Sniffles" balm all ready to go.  The tins are also convenient and make for easy travel.

About: After the birth of her first baby in 2001, Jen Casey, providing all-natural baby care became her top priority. Commercial brands were readily available, yet not pure enough for her baby’s delicate skin. Concerned with synthetic perfumes, allergies and potentially toxic chemicals, she set out to find an alternative. With foundation studies in Aromatherapy, combined with a 10 year background in Make-Up Artistry, she gathered some natural ingredients and cooked up my own skin care products. Six years and two children later, her creation now known as Dimpleskins Naturals was born.

It is available to parents across Canada who are concerned with using only the best on their baby’s skin.

Favourite Memory: My 1-year old baby had a bit of stuffed nose for a few weeks this winter.   He knew the routine--after the jammies and sleep sack were on we put on the "Sniffles." He also enjoyed applying "Sniffles" on his mama, as well as his embroidered puppy/kitty pillow. Everyone knows embroidered pets needs to get rid of sniffles as well! A few grease marks make this memory worthwhile {smile}.


Crofter's Fair Trade Organic Premium Spread

So much to love about this jam! It fits so well into Wholly Canadian's paradigm of local & fair-trade living. Crofter's uses fair-trade sugar to sweeten their jam; this is what so sweetly sets this company apart from many other jam companies.

You can feel good eating this jam. I also appreciate their non GMO and organic certifications.

I'm a sucker for anything with a bear on it, ever since we started callling our little one, "Baby Bear." So I found it amusing when they addressed why they have a picture of a bear on their jars. . .

  • First, we're Canadian. Bears are pretty much our animal spirit.
  • Second, bears love berries almost as much as we do.
  • Third, bears pick the best berries, not unlike Crofter's Organic.
  • Fourth, we both store fruit for the winter. We use jars; bears use an extra, insulating layer.
  • And last, but not least, we find him to be quite charming.


The term crofter is a noun: One who rents and tends a small farm.

How does Crofter's actualize this?   Rather than supporting large monocultures managed by corporations, they prefer looking after farmers who cultivate and tend their small farms. Producing organic jams is how they help to take care of the earth. Their organic fruits come from farms around the world. 

Favourite Memory:

Serving this jam to one-year old baby, who has graduted from "Baby Bear" to "Little Bear," on his homemade sourdough toast.  Oh, how can one say love enough? He loves it! And I love that he loves it! Suprisingly he usually doesn't have jam hands, because he licks off every morsel.  Breakfast memories to last a lifetime {smile}.


Nature Clean

Using chemicals for cleaning, doesn't sound clean at all.  This is why I have turned to Nature Clean over and over again. It's cleaning without chemicals. Nature Clean products are non-toxic, biodegradable and are created from naturally derived ingredients. They send their products to independent labs for further testing to make sure that they perform as well as, or better than, traditional cleaning products.

Nature Clean is incredibly proud of their heritage, and they love telling people that their products are manufactured and packaged in Canada.


It all begin in the early 1960s when their mother, Mrs. Ross, suffered allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals used in traditional household products. To help her, their dad began developing his own natural formulations. Since then their family has continued the tradition of creating healthier, non-toxic alternatives for the products we all use in our homes everyday.

The chemists at Nature Clean formulate products to be the safest and greenest options available, without reducing their cleaning effectiveness. 

Favourite Memory: Everytime I reach for my Nature Clean product at the market, I am filled with joy when I locate the Canadian-flag. Why? Because I am using a non-toxic, Canadian product that works! Yeah! My favourite products are: dishwasher packets, dishwashing liquid soap, and laundry detergent.


Organic Cotton Sateen Pajama SetDream Designs:

Discovering Dream Designs was an incredible find! Bed linens, pajamas, baby items, shower curtains, etc--made in Canada. Wow! And using organic fibres.

When I visited them in Vancouver several years back I purchased some organic cotton pajamas. I'd love to try one of their buckwheat pillows as a pillow to sit on when I type at my desk.

About: Dream Designs is a woman-operated natural lifestyle business in Vancouver, Canada. Currently in their fourth decade of operation, their talented team of designers and seamstresses work with premium organic and natural materials and apply meticulous attention to detail to create beautiful, useful, and durable products for the home.  A seriously local business on an infinitely global mission from day one, Dream Designs has always been about quality, purity, and style.

Favourite Memory: Simply sleeping in pajamas that are ethically made. Makes for a good night's sleep!



Harmony Organic cream: 

We purchase Harmony cream because it is: 1)Canadian, 2)un-homogenized, 3)and grass-fed in season (I don't know of any dairy company that can boast these three for their cream). And the colour, oh, the colour it is such a rich buttery-yellow.  (Note: This cream is nearly 3x the price of conventional cream; which is why we budget accordingly, and savour every spoon).

Do some reserach and discover why un-homogenized dairy is critical for your health. We also wrote about why pastured (grass-fed) products are important for neurological & bone development and maintenance in the:  "The Cream always rises to the Top" post

We purchase our Harmony Dairy at  Organza Market in Winnipeg, a local natural market.


Can you see the difference in colour between these two whipped creams? Neither have any sweetener in them; they were simply whipped.  One is from coventional cows that lived inside a barn; and one from pastured cows that grazed outside this last summer. Which appeals to you? Snow-white cream? Or buttery-yellow cream?

Harmony Organic started as two farm families with a dream to provide delicious organic milk to the public without compromising their beliefs or principles.  Lawrence and Mathilde Andres, co-founders and now sole owners of Harmony Organic Dairy Products, moved to Canada from Switzerland in 1979 and became Canada's first organic dairy farmers. Then in 1992 Lawrence initiated the first organic dairy producers' group in Ontario.  In 1994 the segregation of organic milk became a reality and on September 24, 2001, Harmony Organic was officially launched.


Favourite Memory: My favourite memory is using this cream for a rice dish garnished with fresh Canadian peaches and then dalloped with this rich buttery cream that I cultured. See post and recipe here. Simply, yummy!


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